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My Sun

TW: My Face
My Stars

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There’s someone I don’t know in my house and I don’t like it.

I’m the only one in my house who has an actual job. Yet I’m the only one in my house who has to clean? That makes sense.


In honor of the two conflicting holidays

Sometimes someone will like a picture from a long time ago and I look back at it and I’m like damn wtf is my hair doing.
My hair was so short at one point.

Don’t think I can make it two days closing with this piece of shit asshole. I keep cryin for no reason

I think I’m going to get the transgender flag tattooed as a band around my arm. Either my upper arm or my wrist.


if you are feeling rad don’t let anyone ever turn the r into an s


He did this to himself. Then looked at me with sad eyes because I was to busy laughing to help him.




bearing stars; made of stars.

Etymology: Latin astrifer; astrum - star + ferre - to bear.

[Lizavan Rees]


Check out today’s bath water. It started off gold, smells gooooood. Brb.

I got one reply and like 3 anon messages saying “pics or it didn’t happen” to my ass post and I rememberd how difficult it was to take a picture of your own butt. Sigh.

Things I want from the rooster teeth store that y’all can buy me if you want.
The “no” shirt.
The ah insulated tumbler thing
Nice dynamite shirt.
Long sleeved ah shirt
Ah shirt wth “mlpmatt” on back
Geoffs store shirt.
Team lads shirt
Surgeon simulator shirt
Hot sauce shirt.
The I look better in slomo shirt.
Touch my awesome button shirt.
The X-ray and vav shirt.
Ah hoodie

Someone buy me an achievement hunter cup. Or a beanie. Or both. Both pls.


If you haven’t taken the ‘Which Citizen of Night Vale are You?’ test then you’re missing out. 

Anonymous asked:
Bro you are seriously one of the most attractive people i have ever had the pleasure of seeing. Like for real man you are fricking handsome

Ohh anon why thank you so much